Consequences That You May Face For False Allegation Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is always considered as serious crime under US law. However, the way law handles this issue has created problems for the individuals who are being falsely convicted of such crime. As a result, there are many individuals who are taking advantage of this law to falsely convict their partner in order to get divorced or child custody. If you think that only men are falsely accused of such crime, you are wrong. Nowadays, even women are not spared from facing such difficult situations. As a result, these victims have to face severe consequences.

What are consequences of such false allegation?

If you are being confiscated for such serious crime even if you have not committed, you will be required to face serious consequence. What are those consequences? They are:-

Custodial right is not granted – If you are going through divorce case, you might not win the custodial right for your children because of the criminal record of physical abuse.Mediated is not granted – Usually mediation is declared by the court to settle down any divorce case. However, if any of the partners has been convicted for domestic violence, he or she will not be granted to take the help of mediator to settle down the divorce.Restraining any contact with the family – The individual against whom the domestic violence report has been filed will be restrained from continuing any communication with the victim.Excluded from using family residential house – The suspect will also be restricted from using the residential house where the victim is staying. He or she will be asked to shift his or her base to somewhere else.Civil rights are curbed – The court will restrain the suspect from using his civil rights.

However, instead of facing such severe consequences you may try to adopt legal steps to save yourself. For doing so, you need to hire criminal defense lawyer.

How will the defense lawyer help you out?

The defense lawyer will first collect evidences related to your case. Once he does so, he will place your case along with the evidences in front of the court. Once the court accepts the evidences, he will make a plea to the court to reduce the penalties that have been issued by the court against you. At the same time, he will even suggest you the best way to prove your innocence in front of the court. If you wish to disclose any information that can help in court proceeding, discuss it with the appointed lawyer. He might use the information in your favor.

If you still have doubt about the lawyer’s contribution in helping you out, consult with any of the criminal defense lawyers of Las Vegas for proper legal guidance.

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